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Found Money Contest - astree - 01-17-2015

I got nuthin'...Congratulations, Patty!

Found Money Contest - NTMI - 01-17-2015

Dang! I found over $100 in the park next to my house last year that I could've stuck in there. I posted the find on our HOA's website, but nobody claimed it. Sounds like a fun thing though. Start and end date?

Found Money Contest - astree - 01-17-2015


You would have skunked us all with the $100 - excellent find.

I was thinking somewhere between 4 - 8 weeks (open for ideas), starting when we get a few more.

Found Money Contest - Buddy Allen - 01-17-2015

I found a dime this morning.

Found Money Contest - boomergirl - 01-17-2015

should we have a minimum amount? say two bits?

Found Money Contest - samsmith - 01-17-2015

How about if the winner collects all other find totals and donates to a charity?...The real prize? The satisfaction of doing something for others... Big Grin

Start date please...I'm in, I find change all the time... Big Grin

Found Money Contest - astree - 01-17-2015


Okay, you all want to start tomorrow (Sunday) midnight, and run until Sunday Feb 22 midnight ?

Boomergirl - what's two bits (two cents?)

Found Money Contest - samsmith - 01-17-2015

Astree...Two bits is 25 cents or 1/4 of a dollar...Comes from the old Spanish real, two pieces of eight or a quarter was 'two bits' of eight...Or something like that anyway... Smile

Found Money Contest - NTMI - 01-18-2015

Back in my day, sonny, a man could get a two bit

Shave and a haircut!

Found Money Contest - astree - 01-18-2015



You guys got me there. ( and the sad part is, I taught my kids the secret "shave and a haircut, two bits" doorknock and tune )

Okay, how about we start tonight midnight, and run it until midnight Feb 22, or until someone finds at two bits worth , which ever comes LAST (that will give everyone a chance to catch up, if there's a lucky early find).

now, I've got some sowing to do, before midnight. Smile (kidding, honor system)

My daughter found a 2015 penny on the floor at the movies yesterday, not counting it (any movies playing after midnight?)