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truth in sentencing - Swanka - 08-06-2017

its a technical term from the courts that should apply to CC rule enforcement.

i came to CC because lostowl is my blood relative and He is depressed that He is labeled a troll and a hoaxer.

every image lostowl has posted is 100% Forrest Fenns work and part of the real solve for the Poem. yet he is a troll and hoaxer when many other People post solves that don't have as strong of factual images from FF because there can only be 1 correct solve path and lostowl has been on that path all along.

i have noticed that certain people can harass people on CC and not get in trouble and whats funny is the other person gets into trouble.

like take DD for example there are a few regulars around here that constantly call her a troll. isn't that harassment?

also Count constantly abuses whatever privilege Count has to label how many stars a thread has. so its ok for Count to just go harass anyone Count wants by labeling their threads with 1 star based on nothing other then Count don't like what You saying

so why should Count be able to knock peoples thread for no reason at all labeling them unjustly with 1 star so everyone thinks its a troll thread or something. Count constantly labels lostowl and other people Count chooses thread with 1 star i don't see how this isn't harassment

Count gave the only thread i made today 1 star and quite frankly i am insulted because i linked my family/search team member and whats funny is what i linked is actually part of Forrest Fenns Poem solve and soon as someone asks Forrest Fenn about it and Forrest Fenn confirms it then Count will look silly giving my thread 1 star for no other reason then to bust my balls.

seriously it is insulting that Count just labels threads 1 star with no valid reasons and is very insulting

but joke is on Him and the others that have HUUUUUUGE EGOS here when the jack*** pie lake and FF sticking His tongue out at You is confirmed by FF
himself then the BIG EGOS that labeled my blood relative a huge troll when
he was actually posting the correct solve and arguing with you guys to believe
him because lostowl is not a Hoaxer

so all the EGO's that think they can just treat people however they want on here
is going to get some jack*** pie lake in the face when FF confirms all this stuff lostowl is talking about.

its a shame FF started this Chase for everyone to have fun and a few HUGE EGO's
who apparently know much of nothing and turned FFs Family Fun Chase into a
personal playground for their EGOS without regard for any newbs that come along

who knows how many children have come to CC over the years just to be labeled a
aliased troll and be sent off crying with their tail between their legs

well the jokes on all the EGO cause the Chase is coming to an end very very quickly
and the Chase is ending on a humorous note just like lostowl is trying to explain to

but instead of rejoicing that the Poem is being solved the EGOS who think they
know it all will just label lostowl a troll and a Hoax

lostowl will have the last laugh on this one even if he walks away a broke loser
at least he came to Chase Chat and did the right thing and was nice to everyone

as my blood relative lostowl would say

thank You for Your time

actually heres a private taste test for the egos of Forrest Fenns jack*** pie lake in the face for Your Smile i love FF he such a funny guy he really did think of everything

[Image: dBx03xp.png]

RE: truth in sentencing - Swanka - 08-06-2017

CC might be a so called "private forum" but it runs off Forrest Fenns Community. Forrest wants His Community to be open and Friendly and a place Children can have fun.

So if some 12 year old comes along one day and perhaps He notices Forrest Fenns map has the Tribal mapkey wrong word/color and wants to discuss it. He will probably get the cold shoulder and People will call him a troll and blame Him for being lostowl or Gordon Lightfoot or someone else. then Count will go label His thread 1 star based on credentials of i don't know what telling the whole Community that His thread is trash and He is Troll.

How do You think this would make a 12 year old feel? Do You think it might make him cry? Do You care is a 12 year old crys and leaves the Chase in His first days never to come back?

How many good hearted People/Children do You think has had this happen to them over the years? more then a few i would imagine because just about any new name to show up will be blamed of being aliased and a troll by some big "KNOW IT ALL EGOS" who took Chase Chat and ran it into the ground. I am sure CC was a much more Friendly place when it first started out but now for some reason "KNOW IT ALL EGOS" have been allowed to take CC over and run it into the ground using it as a personal playground.

so is it really fair that someone like Count can go label whoevers thread 1 star trash just because Count wants to troll someone. like Count labeled all lostowls threads 1 star because of personal reasons and Count has done it to many People on a regular basis. i believe this is wrong and Counts EGO shouldnt be the deciding factor on how many stars someone thread gets.

plus if Count just labels say all lostowls threads 1 star because Count feel like it isn't that a form of trolling?

Also when You have EGOS like Roll Tide who countless People have been banned for defending themselves from RT or not agreeing with RT. but its ok for EGOS like RT to constantly call People like DD troll in multiple replies. Shouldn't constantly calling someone a troll, be trolling?

its funny cause the joke is on them RT Count and the bunch that have the Community believing lostowl is a troll and Hoaxer when infact lostowl has not only been on the correct solve path but been begging and pleading for people to believe he is not a Hoax instead of believing the EGOS that lostowl is a troll and a Hoax

so when lostowls 500 foot and 200 foot images of jack*** pie lake and FF sticking His tounge out at You are confirmed and the solve path lostowl has been traveling is the correct solve path then the whole Community can laugh at the KNOW IT ALL EGOS.

the Chase does end with a joke and when the Chase ends really soon and the KNOW IT ALL EGOS are standing around looking pretty foolish for conning everyone into thinking lostowl is a troll and a hoax cause they railroaded lostowl then it will be funny

what will people like Roll Tide and Count do when they are proven wrong about lostowl because it is going to be happening really soon i have a feeling.

everything lostowl posted about the Chase ending with a joke is 100% facts i seen it with my own eyes on Google Maps and the KNOW IT ALL EGOS that knocked lostowl down and railroaded him when they never looked at lostowls solve

it will be a beautiful day when lostowl is proven not a troll and a hoaxster i cant wait to see the faces of the KNOW IT ALL EGOS that have done nothing but bashed lostowl every step of the way as he was trying to help someone solve the Poem with facts and honesty so the EGO had to assassinate lostowl character but soon very soon Ya'll will see lostowl is right

as my blood relative lostowl would say

thank You for Your time

RE: truth in sentencing - The Count - 08-06-2017

Rated-1 star

RE: truth in sentencing - JoeKing101 - 08-07-2017

Lostowl was lost. He never once used the poem to solve the clues and kept misquoting FF about searchers being within 500/200 ft. Sorry not sorry, but lost will stay lost until he understands he's no where close.