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thought provoking Forrest quotes - zombiecupkake - 10-05-2017

"Children have the greatest imagination because their thoughts run free."

"The mountains are full of activity that fills me with wonder. One of my earliest recollections as a boy was to turn over a rotting log in the forest and watch as a hundred little critters scurried around trying to decide what to do. It’s nature in its rawest moment. I find solace in the solitude of the trees."

"It is fun to arrange words in such a way that you have to smile at the end of a sentence."

"He was so busy talking he didn’t hear what I was saying."

this i thought was telling since he mentioned in an email he read that someone told him where they looked which told him how close someone had gotten. which means someone before 2013 emailed him and told them where they had searched...

"Very few tell me exactly where they are looking so I don’t know how close they are to the treasure."

very few people....

RE: thought provoking Forrest quotes - zombiecupkake - 10-12-2017

Please add whatever you think is of merit Smile