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not in montanta!? - zombiecupkake - 10-06-2017

in this vid he was talking about throwing someone off his trail
He says at 25:46 I should have driven
to Montana. Speaking about throwing a black limo off his trail. Then he says or yellow stone basin?. I cant hear the second location. but wouldn't that confirm the treasure is not in Montana for sure?

RE: not in montanta!? - delayah - 10-06-2017

Who would go looking for a treasure in Montana??? They don't call it the treasure state anymore, do they?

[Image: ttotc-cover.jpg]

RE: not in montanta!? - decall - 10-06-2017

When eliminating UT and ID, Fenn may have revealed his values for THE correct state.
UT and ID are excellent states for hiking, mountains, nature, etc.... beautiful beautiful states. So why eliminate if they accomplish his stated goals: "get kids off their electronics, smell the sunshine, etc." why 2 states instead of slow playing it with one state.... NV was basically removed before the map too.
If you think about it, this was all due to the publishing of TFTW.
There emerges the feeling that Fenn can't / won't eliminate any other state. Montana or NM would be easiest to eliminate because they touch only one of the four states. So why can't he eliminate NM or MT? Why not chop MT and leave ID? Maybe after accidental deaths in MT or WY why not eliminate one? I think it strongly suggests NM or MT can't be chopped. CO nor WY can be chopped.. why?
Sure it could be as simple as he needs a sizable area for the chase. It could be simply that he doesn't want to cut his own neighborhood out of tourism dollars. He DID eliminate most of NM.... Hiding the TC in CO seems pointless since he hasn't mentioned anything about CO.... therefore it has no legacy. WY appears of great emotional value for Fenn, but it seems foolish to hide a chest within YNP.... people hurting themselves in that area... so really we just have MT and NM if it's sbout his legacy, places he's mentioned in the books. IMO the preface of tftw takes us out of WY and into MT. If Fenn's motive was to hide it well, then he never would eliminate anything. He seems highly motivated to keep people away from his house... 8.25 mile rule. MONTANA is all that remains, especially in light of his writings.

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RE: not in montanta!? - emmett - 10-08-2017

Decall- I've always thought you think very sensibile. Like me and and I hope f.

RE: not in montanta!? - delayah - 10-09-2017

Montana has some cool wildlife though...

[Image: defaultGen.aspx?itemid=243688&maxWidth=1...Height=768]

[Image: mountain_bluebird2_male.jpg]

[Image: Osprey_mg_9605.jpg]

RE: not in montanta!? - AccountAtAGlance - 10-21-2017

(10-09-2017, 06:37 PM)delayah Wrote: Montana has some cool wildlife though...

Beautiful photos. If 'they' don't call it 'The Treasure State' anymore, they should. I do. If Fenn didn't put the treasure chest in Montana, I think he should have, and I know the perfect place that lines up with the poem very well. I haven't been there yet, but if I'm wrong, there's no place I'd rather be wrong. But really the Rockies are full of places like that. I chuckle when I read posters expressing their sympathy for others wasting their money. If you make a trip to the Rockies and feel like it's a waste of money if you don't find a treasure chest, it's a waste all right, but not a waste of money.