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Wind River Flood 2010 - geminicesdesigns - 01-16-2018

Has anyone looked into the wind river flood of 2010? I was watching videos of the area and noticed they were sandbagging the towns and redirecting water with pumps . Gave new meaning to heavy loads and water high
Having a problem getting link to work, vid is little wind flood 2010

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RE: Wind River Flood 2010 - ksteph - 01-18-2018

I don't remember that flood but that area floods fairly often in the Spring depending on the snow pack and the temps. What would you like to know?

Wind River Flood 2010 - geminicesdesigns - 01-18-2018

If Fenn was in that area in 2010, would that not make it a lot harder to get around?
I'm sure a lot of roads, areas, etc. would have not been accessible.
Would that affect the search area then?

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