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FF's treasure is hidden ... HOW?
9 hours ago,
RE: FF's treasure is hidden ... HOW?
I believe f found a certain stone wwwh. The stone just happened to have a hole the size of the chest he chose. I believe that all of the items in a particular area in his vault were retrieved from this ancient site, and each time he would visit the site he would move the stone to mark his place. Once he reached the end and his treatments were over he put the stone in a very particular place within the ruins. This could help explain how he knew precisely where he wanted to put it. Remember, he was going to make it work no matter what. I don't believe you will be able to find the stone or the chest until you have fully explored the area. I believe Cynthia has been the only searcher who has visited the site wwwh. Not knowing for sure what led her there makes it near impossible to know if she has correctly identified the blaze. If you can dig deep enough to imagine f's thought process while in the area, you can then say you're searching for f's treasure. If you can find wwwh and spend some time learning the lay of the land, you can find more than what was hidden. The stone missing from wwwh has to be somewhere. You have to become the person that you imagine it will require to pull it off. If you can find his place markers amongst the ruins, I'll race you home. I believe the chest is sandwiched between a rock and a hard blaze. Good luck
6 hours ago,
RE: FF's treasure is hidden ... HOW?
(11 hours ago)antigroove Wrote:
(Yesterday, 07:53 PM)legacyhelper Wrote: I think it was deliberately covered by FF with something, but not mostly dirt.

By quantity or volume?

By weight is what I was thinking. If he intended to (basically) use rocks, most of the weight would be rocks, not dirt stuck to them. Same for branches or sticks, if that's what he used. Same for a dark-colored single slab of stone, if that's what he used. Dirt would be inconveniently kinda messy (maybe in more ways than one). Of course, branches/sticks might eventually crumble/decay and turn into dirt. And if FF wouldn't want this (new) dirt to foul the hinge of the chest, then he might try to avoid using branches or sticks, specifically for this reason. This leaves small(ish) rocks or a single large one as possibilities -- in addition, of course, to something less "natural".
It has been suggested that a large "fake rock" might be used -- ya
know, like one of those little "fake rocks" that you can hide your house key in/under, and leave near your front door. Except, of course, to hide the TC inside a fake rock, it would have to be pretty big. Still, not all that difficult to create or buy.
5 hours ago,
RE: FF's treasure is hidden ... HOW?
(Yesterday, 01:51 PM)Becky from WV Wrote: @anyone - I'm attempting to put a few facts in order. According to FF's story about when he had cancer & decided to hide a treasure, he said he knew EXACTLY where & was determined to make it work ... no matter what. So he knew the hidey spot in 1988. Then he set about acquiring the chest & assembling the contents ... finishing in approx 2010.

Now here's where I get confused. FF said he worked on the poem for 15 years. Yet he stated that he hid the treasure, then wrote the poem. Treasure hidden first, then poem written. Maybe FF meant that he FINISHED the poem after hiding the treasure ... but that's NOT what he said. FF said that he could have written the poem BEFORE he hid the treasure, but he did NOT. See my confusion?

Why does it matter, you ask? It matters because perhaps FF knew the WHERE, but NOT the HOW. So if he arrived at the hidey spot with the treasure, he had to take advantage of the surroundings. If there was NOT a natural blaze, FF had to create one. But there again, he would have had the "stuff" with him to make a blaze. He would have had to go prepared.

FF also stated that he planned to throw himself onto the treasure & then alluded to his bones rotting in the sun. It would be impossible to do that if the treasure was hidden in a rock crevice or hanging somewhere. It would be the same impossibility if it was in water. So HOW could the treasure be sitting somewhere in the sun WITHOUT anyone being able to "stumble" upon it?

FF said that "people continue to arrive there". NOT just GO there ... but ARRIVE. It's like those people have that place as a destination. That does NOT sound to me like it's an out-of-the-way area. I wonder if FF told us the truth. I hope so because it's what I have.

mr fenn said some thing about dizzy dean and climbing a ladder or up
to a platform, so may be the chest is on a huge bolder were a bear
cant climb even if mr fenn wanted to sit under a pine tree, I think they dont agree, these 2 difrent ideas.
3 hours ago, (This post was last modified: 3 hours ago by heyoka.)
RE: FF's treasure is hidden ... HOW?
The photo sent to f that triggered the Dizzy Dean SB was taken atop a 10' tall precipice wwwh. The message simply stated, "Hi. I'm here. What now?" If they'd have had a bat they could have knocked one out cold. A hole in one birdie.

Diz was relieved that day.

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