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A number of searchers...
12-10-2017, 07:41 PM,
RE: A number of searchers...
Hello all. I'm a searcher myself and I love the chase. In the big picture this gives a lot of people something to do. IMO, that's not all bad! It's actually amazing, the scope of it. That being said, I'm taking the gloves off and I'm playing the hypocrite.

Lets discuss this. Originally I took this to be a enormous clue. I even developed a reckon based on these facts. (I was certainly convinced) The statement has come from a man who refuses to give out hints or clues relating to the "hunt", yet he reveals this information to the world. How do you know searchers have been 200' of the treasure?
youtube-ForrestFenn at the collected works bookstore in Santa Fe 10/23/13 32:45

Someone please explain to me the point or helpfulness of coming out and saying searchers have been within 200 feet. I use to believe this was a helpful clue, but now it is an uppercut. Jab in the eye with a sharp stick. Unless Forrest tells us who when and where, this is nonsense/BS.

If I'm a searcher that has emailed Forrest my search pattern, then I have the right to believe he is talking about me...I'm , I'm , Im confused here. In the past he goes out of his way not to give out hints, but "searchers have been within 200' and a lot of people have been within 500'. That's an enormous clue if you know for certain the first two clues? Or lets say the HOB. Let's say none of them. One could spend the time on GE and find maybe a dozen? or so places that fit this criteria. No?

Point being this could possibly rush a searcher into hurrying themselves into the woods again to find chest.
Spend more money, get lost, possible die?.

Somebody tell me what this information is good for? What good? Tell me. I'm waiting. Let me help, It's good for nothing. Period! If I'm wrong, explain. I'll concede.

All that being said, I can't wait for Spring to go look again. I want that chest.
Happy Holidays
12-11-2017, 12:07 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-11-2017, 12:08 AM by Becky from WV.)
RE: A number of searchers...
@ser - You are absolutely correct. That 200 ft info is pretty much useless unless we know who FF means. I think that so many searchers ask, "Is anyone close?" that FF has to answer something positive. One minute he says that searchers email him with their locations & that's how he knows. Then the next time someone asks, he says that he can't really be sure how close.

I don't know that searchers rush to their search areas though, ser ... assuming FF is speaking about them. That would be total stupidity. I've learned to give very little credence to the statements FF makes when answering searchers questions. So many of his answers have proven to be contradictory.
01-08-2018, 08:51 PM,
RE: A number of searchers...
(04-05-2014, 08:33 PM)jcm Wrote: In a recent article at (posted on Dal's media coverage page) ff has stated that 'a number of searchers have been within several hundred feet of the treasure', a change in how he has phrased it previously. So do you think that more searchers are getting close and landing in the correct area or is ff just mixing up how he is referencing those who have been close to the chest? And he also changed within 500 ft to several hundred ft, so do you think he might be inferring that some are figuring out more than the first 2 clues? Perhaps this statement is meaningless, but to me, subtle changes such as these by ff are like a barometer measuring general progression toward the solving of the poem and finding the treasure.

This thread is an interesting archive.

I do believe the last two times Forrest talked about people being close, he said that nobody has told him the correct clues in the correct order. It has been a while since he mentioned the 200' closeness.
01-09-2018, 10:37 AM,
RE: A number of searchers...
I've been within 10 feet, not my problem that ya'll don't believe me! I found his blaze and from there you follow the map on the cover of Once Upon A While to the star (rock) covering the treasure. Three jars of Cloves in Peg's spice drawer is a hint to the Clovis Tombs in the area. Mammoth Tusk is hint of the Mammoth Temples I found. Bigger than finding it will be proving ya'll fools once and for all for having no faith in the only one who really knows his poem and the correct solution. I've taken over 12,000 pictures of the area and basically found North America's Macho Piccho which Forrest had found from his airplane while looking for possible Indian relics and artifacts.

[Image: 25995040_10155600939663500_6151545322250...e=5AF4E858]
The FeΩΩatic
01-14-2018, 09:52 PM,
RE: A number of searchers...
Within 10 feet???
Ponder me this......
You (or anyone) have the 'PERFECT' WWWH. I mean this place is so perfect that it HAS to be the WWWH that Forrest is referring to.
Give that 'PERFECT' starting point to 20 different competent searchers. Guess what you'll have in a week? You'll have 20 different 'PERFECT' solutions that lead to 20 different 'PERFECT' end points.
And with that, how can you go to any of them with 100% confidence and know it's there? YOU CAN'T.
If all of them hold just as much weight as the other 19, then you can't be 100% confident (as Forrest said you will be when you know you have the correct solution.)
Once you know, then you'll know without a doubt. And once I know, then I'll know.
And that is why your starting point CAN'T be ANYWHERE on ANY map.
It can't be a place you can put your finger on because it is WAY too subjective and open to interpretation.
But I've already said too much......
You don't get it yet.
Good luck.
26 minutes ago,
RE: A number of searchers...
I think that if you truly solve it, you'll know within 10.7639 square feet where it is. Is that a hint? It is if I'm right.

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