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My failed Gallina Solve
05-22-2014, 09:59 AM,
My failed Gallina Solve

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from The Wolf on May 22, 2014, 7:20 am</b>

Hey John thanks for sharing your solution with us all. Understanding how people think and interpret the poem is very interesting to most readers. Initially I thought about dams but when I realized that only a few of 36000 had correctly identified the correct WWWH I felt there is no way it could be a dam unless it was very obscure. I am wondering why you chose Winter solstice when FF explicitly said you could search any time but the best times to search was after April (indicating avoid the Winter months)? He also said not to mess with the poem but I noticed you were looking for scrambled words within the poem and deriving 242 from too war to walk. You are a smart man so I am wondering what motivated you to go against what Forrest was directing? I am not trying to be critical - I just am trying to understand your logic. I do really like the Ford/Vado connection but recently I have learned to down play anything that is not directly in the poem.

Thanks once again for sharing your very interesting solution!

The Wolf

The 242 wasn't my idea. That came from DreamCatcher. "WOrth the cold" suggested the solstice. I went to that mountain top on the solstice but not at sun set. I didn't want to spend the night there and you can't drive out after sun down in the snow which was still pretty deep at that point. We figured out where the sun set on the solstice with google earth not by going there on the solstice. I liked the solstice because it is clearly an important time for Fenn. I was looking for the solstitial sun on GE when I realized it was at bearing 242 which made me remember Dream Catcher's 242. There are problems with the precision which I won't go into but it seemed reasonably close. We only had two actual physical ruins on that line. I can't find the two ruins that I believe are on it. I'd kind of like to do that because I'd like to know if the Gallina actually were doing some sort of astronomy like the Chacoans did. One problem is I don't believe they could have determined the solstice down to a single day. I think that is impossible with the technology they had. Ditto for the chacoans. I've listened to Ann's talk on Chaco Canyon. (She's the woman who discovered the spiral solstice detector. I can't remember her last name right now.) I don't know if she believes the Chacoans could detect it with an accuracy of a single day or not. I'd be hard pressed to believe it. The detector that she discovered was ruined and so all that's left of it is computer simulations. I think you could tell from that.

Determining it to within a week was probably possible.

There is no shortage of 42s in the book, the chest, and so on, so a 242 in the poem was kind of interesting. If you count spaces but not line breaks then the "t" in "treasure" is the 42nd character in the poem. The solid gold book allegedly weighs 42 pounds. All these things have their own problems though. To get 42 pounds from the solid gold book you have to assume the pages are flush with the cover. If you take account of the the fact that the pages are inset from the cover then the estimated weight drops by about 2 pounds. I think the 42nd word is "too" in "too far to". So that kind of seemed possibly significant.

I did the scrambled word thing because people kept pointing out various scrambled words they'd found and at some point I got curious about it. I was curious about the statistics involved and how to write the code. Some of the words people told me about seemed sufficiently interesting that I decided to think about it. At first we used the book as dictionary and then we used a 200,000 word dictionary. We decided to search only for scrambled words that appeared in order either forwards or backwards but not scrambled themselves. I never really put much stock in the scrambled word thing but it was easy to do. I'm pretty sure his Texas redneck wouldn't have known how to do it. You can get more and more sophisticated and it starts to get harder but what we did was easy and enough to convince us that "hidden words" in the poem had no significance.

Jason had an idea for a while about turning the poem into morse code and then decrypting the morse code. He didn't have any spaces in the morse code so there were a large number of possible letter sequences that appeared so you couldn't really decode it by hand. I never believed that would go anywhere but I wanted to figure out how to write the code to do it so I did that too. The scrambled word thing was more or less in the same vein although I guess I found some of the words that people told me about more compelling. I don't know if those are still "secret" or not or I'd explain them.

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