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Why does Forrest ........?
09-11-2014, 10:12 PM,
Why does Forrest ........?
crazyfamily - No ... please, NO! No more leveling! What about the searchers who did NOT have dams as a part of their solves? They got nothing to help them. Also even if searchers have gone looking a hundred times, they are NOT entitled to more info than others who have been out just a few times.

Stephanie - I wish you would speak with more definite info than you do. Who told you what? It isn't clear - to me. Are you saying, once again, that FF told YOU to search in a certain town? Circumstances would determine whether or not it was wrong to tell you that. For example - if you were searching in ABC town & FF said you should drive a few miles to XYZ town because great art museums are there, where's the rub? I don't know what it is you are asking. On the other hand, if FF told you to go directly to XYZ town because that's the location of the treasure, then I have been cheated along with every other searcher out there. I'm not sure just who the person is that you're accusing. Are you accusing FF of giving his info as help or of giving someone else's info to another searcher?

I'm really getting ticked off here, but I don't know at whom it should be directed. For searchers who live close to their search area, the combination of deception & favoritism may not be a big deal. But to someone like me, who lives almost 4000 miles round-trip from mine, let me assure you, Stephanie, it is a very BIG issue. I need to know what's going on. If you want us searchers on board with you, tell us firmly & honestly what's happening. We are all waiting - ready & willing to listen - right here on your blog.
09-12-2014, 07:09 AM,
Why does Forrest ........?
It is a big issue Becky. I'm sorry I can't be more detailed as to my story. I just am asking if people would be upset by those things as it seems some don't care. I don't know if that would change if they weren't the finders though.
09-12-2014, 07:16 PM,
Why does Forrest ........?
Good to see you PL. Were you out searching much?

I like that....People's perception is their reality....and I couldn't agree with you more. I think that also can be said about solves and how we all just believe in our own for the most part and don't believe others.
09-12-2014, 08:41 PM,
Why does Forrest ........?
We probably crossed paths a time or two. I was in South Dakota/Wyoming area. I need to go back to Wyoming. I heard about a good canyon for gem hunting rubies and other things. So I want to try my hand at finding some.

Sounds like a great time.
09-19-2014, 11:06 AM,
Why does Forrest ........?
Do you think Forrest Fenn trusts Dal because Dal worked with Fenn's nephew?

It's like the ole name drop to get someone to trust you faster. I know

so and so and you like so and so, so now you like me slightly more than other strangers. Even though Dal started

out the relationship with lies.

Name recognition goes a long way in small towns. It creates a feeling of trust

because you aren't just any stranger. You're a stranger that knows someone the

other person knows.

If Dal knew that Forrest was his nephews uncle. It makes me wonder if the nephew

doesn't like Dal for some reason. Maybe the nephew originally sent Dal to FF?
09-19-2014, 11:44 PM,
Why does Forrest ........?
Forrest did mention a bailout just in case he changes his mind. How can people commit to spending

a lot of time and money on a treasure that might not be there because someone might change his mind.

It would be different if he did die and the treasure was thought to be out there someplace. No additional

clues and no games. Just a treasure hunt including one poem.

Is this whole thing really about book sales, recognition and going down in history? Imagine writing several

books without gaining much attention and then coming up with the treasure idea. Really a smart idea. Now

he has tons of attention and books are selling.

The discrepancies drive me crazy. Like when the one news station said he had cancer something like a couple (3 I think) years ago. In reality, wasn't (I can't remember) something like 20+ years ago. Anyway, it was more than 3.

I go through a process when doing pretty much anything. I drive car sales people crazy. I first gather information and then

I never ever rush into anything. Little discrepancies create a lack of credibility for me. I always come up with questions. Then try to find the answers.

But he does seem to say the same basic things at signings. Often using stories from the books. In a way it's almost like there are people behind the scenes and he is a actor. Saying the same things over and over. Maybe just trying to

avoid giving additional info?

One thing that worries me is that he was willing to do negative things throughout his life. Mostly

for revenge. Urinating in someone's gas tank and flattening tires. Then he basically strikes up a partnership

with someone that lied to him. Maybe he is willing to go out and take the treasure back but keeps enjoying the attention and book sales? Nobody would ever know. At this point, I don't know what to think. I guess I need to gather

more information to see if it's worth pursuing.

10-25-2014, 09:14 PM,
Why does Forrest ........?
I'm not going to hold anything against Forrest for something that he did 60 years ago when he was a kid as most of us have some skeletons in the closet from our younger, more anxiety filled years.

As for trusting Dal, I think everyone needs to stop the paranoia and give Forrest a little more credit than you do. Dal gets nothing special and whether he reads a post first is meaningless.

In the end the finder will have had the complete poem solution or went home empty handed. It won't be found by accident.
10-25-2014, 10:49 PM,
Why does Forrest ........?
Hell, I'm at the point where I could really care less what people think about me anymore, but as far as ff, well, ........Personally, I've said some things myself and have been a little rough on him in the past, but as far as I can tell and with regards to everything I've learned about him, he seems like a pretty damn good person. And I don't see anyone else with any complaints, outside blog world. :-) Of course he has his faults and has made mistakes in the past, ..........haven't we all!! Don't we all? :-) But it's ultimately how we chose to live our lives/ our ACTIONS and how we take care of those around us and even those we don't know that define us the most, not a few mistakes here and there, or what we as searchers and fellow humans 'think' someone should be like. We all have to sleep on our own pillows at night and live with our choices. I'm sure Mr. Fenn sleeps just fine. Except for when he's dreaming about writing something or Captain Kidd's Treasure. :-) He's done a wonderful thing here. Heck, he's been doing great things his whole life!! He didn't have to. I could honestly say that I would be pleased to live up to just a few of his many accomplishments and discoveries. And not too many people out there hiding treasures for us to find, are there? Regardless of who ends up finding it, I know I appreciate the opportunity!! .........Of course it's real!! Why wouldn't it be? No reason for it not to be. And no reason for him to lie ..........about anything!! And I don't think we have anything to worry about with anyone else having an advantage. If anyone truly had one, they would have found it by now. :-) If one doesn't know that, then one doesn't know much anyway. Good luck.

So, "Why does Forrest.....?"

-- Hell, why not!! And good for him. :-) He can do whatever he wants to. If it don't scare the cows, then who cares.........

"But I'm tryin', Ringo. I'm tryin' real hard to be the shepherd." - Jules Winnfield
10-26-2014, 07:22 AM,
Why does Forrest ........?
@Project Why - I really like your comment. Besides the eventual finder of the chest, I believe many searchers will take something(s) positive away from this whole "thrill" of the chase.
10-26-2014, 09:33 AM,
Why does Forrest ........?
Yeah PW...Way to go...Think a lot of people should quit crying over spilt milk and concentrate more on figuring out the clues...What are they again? Smile

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