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Ghost Chest
11-21-2014, 08:44 AM,
Ghost Chest
I think the fish knows when he will go after the chest, I would say about 6 and 1/2 months when the weather is good.
11-21-2014, 09:05 AM,
Ghost Chest
I think when Fenn gets his bracelet back is when we know it is over. Some people would gladly return the bracelet to him for free. Others, not so generous, I assume would at least sell it back to him, he is willing to pay a high price for it. You don't have to give him your real name or any name when you meet him.
11-21-2014, 09:12 AM,
Ghost Chest
There are no rulesSmile Your saying someone would do a courtesy move? It's only fair? What's fair have to do with it?

Fenn basically gave out a yellow warning to every game player, proceed with caution, the game could be over?

That's all I'm saying............

11-21-2014, 09:20 AM,
Ghost Chest
Hey man, don't give up. I like your posts. Can be a little (p)rickish but funny as hell.

The silverware post confused me when he does a whole bit on being anal with the details then goes in to leave a cap off a pen in a random pic below it.
11-21-2014, 09:25 AM,
Ghost Chest
He implies he has OCD? He wants control.............He's going to pay $30,0000 for a bracelet worth $2500?

<i>Lia on Dal's Blog said;

I don’t for a Santa Fe minute think ttotc game is getting out of Fenn’s hands. His poem and lifestyle suggest he brilliantly planned for everything, even the unexpected – which he would love, because it throws in a new challege to solve midstream.</i>

He thought it wouldn't be solved for 40 to 100 years? Ok,,,,,,,,,,

Anyways we have seen 36,000 player in 2013 and 6,000 players in 2014........

That's about a 80% lose every year. 1200 players for 2015, by 2016 240 players by 2017 50 players........

Makes sense the way Feen is playing it.........$17 million spent in 2014 by the group. That will quickly drop over the pennies.

Feen doesn't care if the chest was taken or not taken.......He's not going to check or ask aroundSmile

11-21-2014, 09:37 AM,
Ghost Chest
I think he is getting frustrated, but not because it's taken and not reported, it's most likely an increasing number of searchers have been emailing him with more almost complete solves but get lost at the same clue, maybe it's too hard or obscur, and he feels the hunt will die off because of this hurdle.

11-21-2014, 09:43 AM,
Ghost Chest
People by nature sprawl and spread out they lose interest. Then you have everyday life, work play friends family what have you.......

By end of 2016 it will really drop.......Before The Today Show there where only 300 players with about 30 on Dal's sight.

11-21-2014, 10:14 AM,
Ghost Chest
Learned new tricks..........You need to get a parrot like Fenn called Dal, so when you boast to high heaven people won't say shit about it.......

You get the attention that you need, which is Fenn's drug of choice by the way.

Dal put me on waiting approval on his blog. Banning is nextSmile

He didn't like the a part where I said Fenn was a market treasure hunter. Did he ever find a meteorite? Solve a armchair treasure hunt? Or dig up a buried treasure?

Did he ever find a Paleo artifact? Maybe? Or is it whatever money can buy? What you have to show the chest to be his friend? Whatever.........

Fenn and me see each others as competition, it will never ever be anything more.

11-21-2014, 10:21 AM,
Ghost Chest
Ya, caught that too, that pic is strange , no reference to it, I thought it might be a knee jerk reaction to being frustrated as per top of the post, I searched all states with a Florence in them, turns out there are quite a few, but no such street drive ave way ct with the last letters of "NES", thought maybe a fenn misspelling of wilderness , but only one such address and the next letter doesn't fit .

I believe this image is a major hint left in a moment of haste.

The next scrapbook is constructed very differently ,well thought out , whimsical and educational, classic Fenn.
11-21-2014, 10:35 AM,
Ghost Chest
Rick why are you so obsessed with ff if you don't believe it's out there or that it's found?

All this is a gamble and with every search it's a choice but why come on blogs to bash him or Dal, I don't see the point. You keep wanting to compare brain pen with Forrest but clearly he won cause bank accounts prove it. It doesn't matter if he did this or that cause pretty much people have already set their mind what they believe. I like you Rick non-homo and I like your post for the most part but if you don't believe ff still has the chest out there just don't search.

I'm just understanding why you keep this rant on and I understand you want to get your point out but that time has passed.

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