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New to chase chat
01-27-2016, 09:08 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-08-2017, 03:59 AM by The Count.)
New to chase chat
2 plus decades living in the Rockies around 10,000 ft. My first search season I lived in the Rockies completing more than a dozen botg searches in Colorado and New Mexico. Meet Fenn 2015 search season in Santa Fe at La Fonda hotel Leon Gaspard book signing. Future botg planned for Yellowstone and southern Montana. Reluctant to disclose current solutions but always ready to use quotes and logic to determine possible solutions to the clues.


Young boy "Teacher, who wrote the history books?"

Teacher "well the humans of the past, young boy"

Young boy "how do we know they got it right?"

Teacher "because they are adults and adults would never lie about the past to benefit themselves "

Young boy "so what your saying is if one of these historains got it wrong then this history book is just fiction?"

Teacher "no, young boy history is what we say it is and that just how it is"

Young boy "could there be another way to know its true, like something physical they left behind?"

Teacher" well there are archaeologists who dig up things but they just make guesses by what they find"

Young boy "so in the ground is history and I can dig it up? That seems more real then what some guy remembers of the past."

Teacher "no, young boy everything in the history books now will be there for generations to come and its all real and true!"

Young boy "but if I can dig up something that they left behind that might be different then what history says wouldn't that make this history book part fiction?"

Teacher "listing young boy, if you don't remember what is in the history book then you will fail the test!"

Young boy "but what if I don't remember it right? Would I just be remembering what someone else remembered? Seems like a lot could get lost or changed?" but what's in the ground to dig up will never change."

Teacher "you ask too many questions just do and believe what you are told!"

Young boy" I want to be an archaeologists!"

(12-31-1969, 07:00 PM)The Count Wrote: Being rebellious against a teacher is fun just like the difference of the 2 squared and the square root of 2

I'm starting to think the title of this thread is misleading.
If I'm planning a trip to the big sky area, are there any sites that you would recommend me to visit to improve my vacation?

- The Count

From Big Sky head toward West Yellowstone along the Gallatin River and turn right at the junction when you see Hebgen Lake. It’s a nice drive past Quake Lake to Reynolds Pass, turn left there and go by Henry’s Lake in Idaho, and left again to West Yellowstone. It’s a good half a day. Tell the people at the Dude Motel that I said hi. f
01-28-2016, 09:03 PM,
RE: New to chase chat
Welcome to the chase Count....Enjoy yourself...Don't take criticism too personal...Don't dish out what you can't handle either...A ready wit is welcome and a good laugh is appreciated by most... Smile

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