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What is it about poker?
12-21-2013, 11:26 AM,
What is it about poker?
I gotcha. My wife won't eat a head on fish. It has to be filleted with no bones.
12-21-2013, 12:02 PM,
What is it about poker?

<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:
<b>Quote from admin on December 21, 2013, 6:34 am</b>

My rule is to only eat meat with a price tag and no face. I occasionally break that rule with fish, because I grew up cleaning them.

I had a PET cow "BLACKIE" when I was growing up, and I got off of the school bus one afternoon, went into the house and asked mom what was for supper... "We were having STEAK"... WOW! That's pretty good for when I was expecting her to say BEANS, TATERS, and CORN BREAD...

There was even some A-1 Steak Sauce in the bottle ( because my parents only eat WELL-DONE shoe leather... I have since EVOLVED to Medium-Rare, and if you need Sauce or Ketchup, send the STEAK BACK... )

At the table, STEAK half-finished, my dad asked me how I liked the Steak ? I said it was good, he said you know your eating "BLACKIE"... chew, chew, oh you wouldn't do that... I got up and went and looked out at the pasture through the back window...

... all of the cows were present, except for "BLACKIE" ...

( my Dad's lesson in not naming the LIVESTOCK )...

... I told my dad, "Well, I guess it is too late to put her back together now" ...

... and we finished our meal, life on the farm ... ( my Grandparents had HOG KILLINGS every winter and divided up the meat between all their Children ( My Dad, his brother, his sister ) and their families, everyone had those BOX-TYPE DEEP-FREEZERS to hold it all winter & next summer...

Of course my GrandDad kept his share of the four(4) hogs in his SMOKE HOUSE, SALTED DOWN ALL WINTER... no FREEZER necessary... and there were no shortage of HICKORY TREES for firing the HICKORY SMOKE where I grew up...

HICKORY TREES were also good places to find SQUIRRELS in the forest during hunting season as well... at least one SQUIRREL NEST in every HICKORY TREE, and in the WINTER with no LEAVES, not very well concealed...

12-21-2013, 02:51 PM,
What is it about poker?
My husband tell me about when he was a kid at job corp and the bus hit a buffalo. They loaded it up and had a bbq. LOL. Common for the area. Smile

When I was a little girl my grandma told me to stir the chicken soup she was making. When I lifted the lid there were two feet sticking out at me! I screamed. LOL

I thought the chickens were my friends. Hahahaha
Shhh they aren't listening.
12-21-2013, 03:15 PM,
What is it about poker?
I miss my grandmother's chicken noodle soup.

I'm christmas shopping...death defying! I've spent more than I had...I'm playing even though I've tried to cancel due to rain.

Deb we will have to discuus this chicken thing...relax on the virtual couch and rell us all about it
12-21-2013, 04:32 PM,
What is it about poker?
LOL Whats to tell? Smile. I still love birds.

Shopping is my nightmare. Yes I am the odd one. LOL. I am fine with that. Smile
Shhh they aren't listening.
12-21-2013, 08:15 PM,
What is it about poker?
Sorry Butch I was trying to be cute! BUT....I did buy a deck of cards while Christmas shopping does that count? :p

I'm no source...but I like to recall times gone! We play 5 card draw, jacks or better and sometimes trips to win with a proggression of Jacks queens kings and aces. And re-anti. also 5 card stud --first one down rest up. 7 card stud...and a game called in between the sheets.

We played dealer's choice, but no wild cards. Wild cards will piss someone off who loses with better natural cards!

12-21-2013, 08:24 PM,
What is it about poker?
Usually three raise limit and everyone antis up!

Today it's hard to find a good game of poker...only hold-em. I go once a month or so.. to Tunica Mississippi. Sometime St.Louis Lumiers. And rarely to Cairo Illinois on the confluence of

the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to Harraszzz
12-21-2013, 10:57 PM,
What is it about poker?
Jim What happened to no peek you never mentioned that. If this is a game of poker I'm All IN. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose and sometimes you just have to play your hand.
12-22-2013, 12:31 PM,
What is it about poker?
Four cards and a joker. Four places where it isn't and the joker is the location. Maybe?
12-22-2013, 01:28 PM,
What is it about poker?
Hello James, I had read maybe you had some health issues on dal's site if that's you I hope your better! Smile

Woody your right I forgot no peak!

I wish this did come down to a game of least I'd know what I wss up against and who?...

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