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Weird Things I've Done.
05-12-2016, 02:42 PM,
Weird Things I've Done.
Weird Things I've thought about, Know a tiny-bit About, and Wanted to do in my "Chase" for Lovely Treasure...
CAUTION: do not read if you're going to pick apart spelling and punctuation errors. I likes hows I sounds. I am sometimes intentional.
Mostly not though.

1. Reading the poem backwards. When I got to "Gaze Marvel with (a) Scant Tarry But(t)"...huh?...I figured I was on the wrong path. I gaze this way at least two-times a week but(t), we won't go there. I'm old-er and what do peoples expect? I say get ready youngsters! Enjoy, but partially loath the ride up!

2. I wanted to dig about in someone's (I won't name-names), Montana field because said field is plowed in the perfect shape of Cozumel. There's an X next to it!  X is sort-of drawing nigh! The owner of this field looks schmarmy, though. Thank you, Google... I think Schmarmy-Face intentionally shaped his CozumelX- Field so he could shoot trespassers. Google possibly saved my life!

3. In my defense, Mr. SchmarmyX's Field, is next to a delightful (from the video I found..okay really Google found the video and then showed it to me), woman's home. Her name is a synonym?...maybe an adjective?...Anyhoooo...
her name has roots relating to "Scant". I'm not book smart. Check out my punctuation, to prove this point. I want to go with synonym, though. This shouldn't be a 3.

4. I had unabashedly found out every single person's secret lives.. all the peoples..or at least 85 percent of peoples, that live in Corwin Springs and Gardiner and West Yellowstone, and a bit beyond. Just kidding. I know all their names. Just kidding. Sort of just kidding. "Wow, were you on the wrong track", I says to self, bashedly. Ha. Then I remember SchmarmyX Field. Then I says to my own self, "Me thinks, maybe not".

5. Oh, I had figured out all my layman theories. Smiley face. They were all due to "where warm waters halt". Cinnabar halted when the Atlantic Pacific Railroad didn't go through the town, all thanks to an interesting character. Hi Google! Warm Waters. You know what? I'm off track so I won't number my paragraphs anymore.

I have looked up Cuniform. And then saved the image.  And then forgot about it. That's just crazy. Or is it?

In my mind, I thought about trespassing again, Oh-my! Then I found out (Googled),  that the fancy-property I was marveling and gazing at, was a fertilizer farm or a possible cattle-slaughter-arena.
But..But..But...I saw! Well, to be completely honest, Google Earth-Saw... and then SHE showed me! Yes, Google Earth is a female. She doesn't like Close-Ups.. She showed me giant-beautiful Gold Blazes on a possible slaughter-farm! I do like a good steak, but come on, Dear... Sorry, off-track again...
But-by-the-bigh, all this goodness was after I "flew" to Dell in my mind...from my couch. Because Gardner's put things in "brown". Or, there is Tom Brown Creek or is it Joe Brown Creek? I get my Brown's all mixed up. I was really meek while flying, though. Since I'm a "recovering" Agoraphobic. Grrrr. I would like to fly without being Small and Scant. REALLy. TRULy.

I have tried to convert Mayan to English. I then thought I had a SOLVE. That's just crazy, or is it?

Well I gots to tell you that I found the above , Slaughter Arena-Central'...due to drawing nigh. I drew West. "This is the end", I thought while listening to The Doors, in my mind. Yeah it was the end because it ended my marvelous dreams. A slaughter. Laughter.

I found my blaze in Idaho sixteen-times. I've been to Lehi, Utah and Salina a few, too. Now I'm cursing my Dear Google because she has crazy rules.

Shrimp, 1 tbsp Mirin,  2 Tbsp Soy sauce , 1 Tbsp brown Fish Sauce, Rice Noodles, a bit of Banana, Red Onion Ring, Olives or blueberries ..blah! I'm off-track again. That's my sister's recipe I was thinking of. grrrr. I irritate my own self. Mmmm yummy, though...

Hims, whom shall not be named... But I'll make an exception on the naming...'Him's' names, are Longitude and Latitude. I can't even comprehend my male counterparts, so won't. I've tried. I don't get it. I poke my poky finger on NASA and am suddenly in Canada with crazy fingers. Go figure.

I found a Forest Creek, or Forest River in Yellowstone, and then forgot where it was. I can't find it now, it was delightful! Only one R though.

I have a note in my booklet that says, "gun hair by willie bubba", and another that says "soft-burger fake-infant". I now have no idea what I was doodling about. I bet it was extremely important!

I know that in 1993, Ismay, Mt. changed it's name to "Joe", due to a radio spoof regarding Joe Montana. What? I was thinking cup of Joe. brown. Duh.

I know that brown trout (sorry not going to capitalize), were introduced into the Upper Firehole River in 1890. Pretty sure I need to forget this. Question mark.

Western brown Pelican? Occidentals Petecanus? Huh?

I'm done with brown. I'm onto Brown. Maybe. Hopefully.

That's just part of my Newbie couch adventure. I can't get a complete solve yet. It's okay don't cry for me, Argentina. I just adore this chase!

I am a recovering Agoraphobic. I've self-diagnosed myself because I dont dare see a Doctor. I'm meek. I'm scared to put this on the site, because I dont know how to do it. I'm Older. I'm meek. I'm scared to put this on the site, because I dont know how to do it. If this ends up in the wrong place, just let me know and I'll then crawl back into my hidey-hole. I'm also an self-accomplished poet. I just discovered that!

P.S. We are planning  a trip to Yellowstone in July. I'm excited and hope I won't back at the last minute. Wishing myself Luck!

P.S.S.   Is there anything weirder than what I've been doing and have been reading, that y'all have done? Please don't reference anything to pi. Or E=MC tiny 2, Oh, unless you really want to. Goes right over my head, though. Could someone let me know what IMO means? In my humble but honest opinion, people are using it way way Way too often.

Good luck to everyone in finding Our Treasure!

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