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Random thoughts...
01-03-2017, 10:45 PM,
Random thoughts...
I want to put in a post but not necessarily to any one topic, so start a new one. I think life is different for a new searcher than an existing (vet) one. Especially for a woman, a wife and a mother. When I came onto the chase I was approached by several on the blogs, once I indicated or hinted I was a woman (something I didn't know what a big deal).

I was told many things about many aspects of the chase I did not invite for such information. I am factually based so had asked for evidence before I ran away and actually, IMO, the chase is not compromised once I saw what I saw as evidence. Perhaps there was some missteps, or perhaps just different perspectives on life, and I don't try to think I have all the information and try not to judge, perhaps humans in their situations.

I find more issue with the extreme bloggers. I have had some say they will stalk my posts and such other types of behavior. Such harsh behavior, but perhaps I have this effect on them. It seems one sided but again surprising. This has made some perceive I picked a side based on the past rather than actual behavior.

I do think that coming in late has made me be perceived as to pick a side on many issues I don't care about outside the chase, though I try to stay neutral until I figure things out for myself and I take my time. I am confident others may have picked wrong and later in a predicament when they picked wrong but later saw the light. I was encouraged and given much information differently early on than I have now once I saw that direct information. But also early searchers were in a different situation. As well as a different time .

I will be clear. I think the TC is out there. I think ff has embellished but not lied related to the chase - he has said as much. I don't think the chase has been compromised. I have emailed ff, and he occasionally let's me know his thoughts, but most often does not and mostly I receive no response. For example, he told me when I told him I was training physically each day for my BOTG not worry about the distance (and even made it surprise words to be fair to all), and even gave me generic encouragement on my first BOTG, brief words but I was thankful. I shared this when I received that info and I appreciate the words I received since I know he receives from so many. I wish I heard back more but never judge, I know I came in late and know there is much water under the bridge, where trust is difficult.

This related in many ways to recent events but also I am not posting about any one event more so my thoughts. I will defend them, and I am growing more confident in my opinions in my way for me in this chase and my family in this chase.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts.

PS - Will, you are hilarious. Don't know you but you make me laugh with your posts which is always needed more in life.

01-04-2017, 11:26 PM,
Random thoughts...
It is not the sweet with Will, he is just funny!

You too though loco, you are great!


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