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Caption Contest "What are they thinking?"
12-29-2013, 06:43 PM,
Caption Contest "What are they thinking?"
PART 2 PEGGY= I WONDER IF HUMANBEINGS EVEN EXIST, OR DID THEY ALL BLOW THEMSELVES UP.Forrest where are you going, the door...whats that you got over there?

Forrest= oh nothin deeeer ,uh its my fly rod ,remember i had mention id be bringing my fly rod and gear know ..uh..... just a little fishing on vacation. hope the rivers still outside!!, oh please please let the river be there.

Peggy= o.k. o.k. you an fish,im actually really hungery...mmmm a nice brown trout fillet ,with corn bread and ice t...massshed taters,mmmmmmmm lets open this door,sweetie pie.

Forrest= you said it,babe...o.k. i gotta crank this thing ere to the left..ahhh the click that did it ...stand behind me peg , we dont whats out there...MAN! i hope that rivers there, the water levels coulda rose,and those browns and cuttthroats could be BIG BIG BIG !!!!!!!!giggity!!!

Forrest= AHAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAH!!!!! look at that.. its still here, oooh! and its deeper.


Forrest= ohh look at rod has an intact leader ,tippet and wooly worm on the end of it ..heh heh its good to be Forrestr Fenn. peg look, marvel gaze...Wow!!! woowee thats alot of snow.

Peggy= hee ,i gota laugh a little,beein no one found that old box in 500 years...we are here now lookin at what someone would have seen if they had followed the last 100th clue you gave them..geez a 100 clues,and they still didnt get it,im mean i kinda knew it was here...geez

Forrest= yess, i kinda knew you might know back then ...was i fly fishin in my sleep again? ........Now, about catchin that 30 inch browny....hmmm goin to battle with eenormo is gonna be tough,7 ft. 4 wt. rod..heh this is going to be a blast !!!!! yipppe ki aye @!!%$&**&*@@# F! Bruce Willis

Peggy= Forrest,im goin back inside,to get those thousand year matches to start a fire ,youl be o.k. wont chu...?

Forrest= yes! i will be more then o.k. hehehaaaa this is sooooo awesome.

Forrest to self= whata women whata women she leaves me alone when i wife ever!Smile

2 days of campin out ,then.......

Peggy= husband? what should we do now? we really do need to find out if we are the only uprights walkin round here.damm! this is exciting!!!!

Forrest=WE ARE ALIVE!! ALIIIIIIVE!!!yess i do agree with you peg...we need to see if the human race still exists...and most importantly if it does, im wonderin if poker is still around...o.k. we are outa here!!! time to finda poker game and raise some HELL!!!!! d..... apoligies/selfempathy

08-27-2014, 01:08 AM,
Caption Contest "What are they thinking?"
Forrest- Wow that reporter left quick when I pulled out my authentic tomahawk and scalp.

Peggy- I'm glad he left. I'm hungry.
08-27-2014, 02:55 AM,
Caption Contest "What are they thinking?"
Forrest- Peggy, have you seen the cat?
08-27-2014, 09:40 AM,
Caption Contest "What are they thinking?"
Peggy - So how about that garage sale we keep talking about....
09-05-2014, 01:51 PM,
Caption Contest "What are they thinking?"
aren't you gonna close the door?


aren't you gonna close the door?


my hearing is shot

(actually my hearing is kinda shot)
Ω  200 ft. Club  Ω
09-05-2014, 02:50 PM,
Caption Contest "What are they thinking?"
How come your holding a candle and a Perrier?

I was cleaning up the mess you made putting wax on that old olive jar. I thought you were going to bury that jar next to you?

I can't, people follow me where ever I go. Are you still grocery shopping Sunday night?

Yes, and you better stay out of my spices. I got you grape Nehi and Fritos to have while you watch the Broncos. Oh Baby, you know what I like. I gotta watch Peyton, He still thinks I hid my goody box in OMAHA.

09-05-2014, 05:54 PM,
Caption Contest "What are they thinking?"
Forrest: under this shirt I've got on a red and blue outfit with a cape

Peggy: Hun!

Forrest: yes I can also fly

Peggy: Hun!

Forrest: my vision I can see through water at fish

Peggy: Hun!

Forrest: I can also hear the most faint whisper

Peggy: yap! He's gone nuts

09-06-2014, 12:52 AM,
Caption Contest "What are they thinking?"
Why does Dal always mess up our floor mat and leave our door open when he comes over? ........I don't know. Do you think he will find the chest? ........yeah right, its hidden way to good for anyone to find, .....hidden in my vault!! .......but he is doing a fine job where he is at. :-) Hell, this Fechin painting behind me is worth more than the treasure........ poor bastards!!

"But I'm tryin', Ringo. I'm tryin' real hard to be the shepherd." - Jules Winnfield

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