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The Binocular Guy
2 hours ago,
RE: The Binocular Guy
(2 hours ago)Challenger11 Wrote: Anyone else wondering why he uses the term
"Go atomic" rather than the traditional "Go ballistic"?

his whole post was about blog bullying. The supervisory problem and "go atomic", was about moderators and "nuking" Tongue

Think about it that way and reread the featured question.
51 minutes ago,
RE: The Binocular Guy
(7 hours ago)Andrew Jef Wrote: [quote='SierraCharlie' pid='155509' dateline='1493264276']
Wow! With what I believe to know of the general area, I'm blown away and really starting to wonder how on earth FF ever came "to know" of this special place where he hid the TC.

I'm fairly sure it's related to something pretty significant that only he knows about and is so freaking hard to locate... Needle in a haystack is an understatement! IMO of course...


SierraCharlie, somebody else on this thread seems to be "over-stinking" -- oops, I mean
"over-thinking" their solve. This message is for you and anyone else who won't "go
atomic" over little things like postings here.

The hidey place is very special to FF, and I think I know why. He has told us that
My War For Me is the most important chapter in his book TTOTC. Knowing this has
confirmed for me that I have found the final search area. But it's not a place that
only FF knows about. I read about this place before my BOTG search confirmed to
me that the TC is in the area. I also found the blaze online, but haven't seen it BOTG
yet. The hunt should be all finished this summer. Good luck to you.

The above is all my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

Don't flatter yourself into thinking that anyone needs to bring out the big guns simply because you decide to show up and take digs at someone. Nukes are only employed against a clear and present danger. And I'm sorry but, you don't fall into that category.

The chest may indeed be found this summer, who knows ? But, I'm confident it won't be found by you. I'll even wager on it, if you dare.
How about let's keep it simple and limit it to a gift-certificate at the finest restaurant in your town. Will that work ? Good, because I can certainly afford a Happy Meal.

Now, since you are so confident that my thoughts and ideas 'stink', maybe I should allow you to show how 'atomic' follows the theme I have been describing in this thread.

Maybe I should just step aside and allow you and any of your cheerleaders who show up to have the floor and rewrite the direction of this thread.

In case you missed it, I said early on that these are my thoughts and most of this comes from my notes and this is the direction I am taking.

But, let's be fair about it. We can let the viewers decide if they want me to step aside and give this thread to you. You, another one who is telling them that they only have a short period of time to become as smart as you are because the chest will be gone very shortly. Or me, someone who is sharing a different way of looking at things that might help one of them get there before you do.

So, will you kindly step up to the plate and explain to everyone here how 'atomic' fits with everything I am sharing with them ?

I'm being very generous with my ideas, do you have anything to share with everyone other than they have a very limited window to solve this thing ?
18 minutes ago,
The Binocular Guy
(10 hours ago)ROLL TIDE Wrote: Forrest' favorite song - My Blue Heaven

"I turn to the right
A little white light
Will lead you to my blue heaven..."

rainbow = blue heaven.

Another "favorite" song is "There Goes My Heart Again," by Holly Dunn.

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