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ignore me at Your Own Peril
06-17-2017, 04:31 PM,
ignore me at Your Own Peril
why would God send me here in the 7th year of the Chase of the Hoax of FF and the TC to further His Legend and create Miracles in the name of the Creator the God of all that is Just and True and Loves all of His Children and Says unto all those who have sinned it is not to late to Repent in the name of Jesus for those who have most sinned Need the Most Urgent Mercy.

i am no scripted character of FF and welcome a lie detector test where no question will go unanswered.

how could i a mere man make tarry scant = post 93?

i believe when i first read Poem on Ash Wednesday subconscously i seen key lostowlwise noahs botg ark lostowl and needed to come here to level the playing field and document a Miracle for God

i believe me and the Pope are the 2 prophets that will die then raise 3 days later and be the first Man in Heaven. thats Why he must be the last Pope and create a Council of the Most Holy Union of all Religions and We will locate in contested Holy Lands and toil day and night to form the Caliphate of the Lamb with Two Horns that formed of the beast with seven heads to Destroy the caliphate of terror and suffering. there shall be a great war where the 2 prophets will die but do make merry for they will raise in 3 days time and be Taken upto Heaven.

thank You for Your time
06-17-2017, 10:55 PM,
RE: ignore me at Your Own Peril
What if is not the Pope....what if they have already risen?
06-18-2017, 01:52 AM,
RE: ignore me at Your Own Peril
good question i only know what God reveals to me and i doubt God would have me come here and go through all this just to look like a foolish nutcase
06-22-2017, 10:18 AM,
RE: ignore me at Your Own Peril
god did not send you,he dont talk to you,Jehovah is his name has he told you that,Jesus is his sons name the holy spirit is his way of getting things done,period

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