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lostowl says Poem ends in a joke
08-05-2017, 11:11 PM,
RE: lostowl says Poem ends in a joke
ummmm why has my thread been marked with 1 star when i am linking parts of FFs solve.

whoever marked my thread with 1 star is a pathetic ego because this is 100% beyond a doubt the work of Forrest Fenn and part of the Forrest Fenn treasure hunts solve

for it to be knocked down on the whim of some moderator that has no clue what they are doing other then just going by thier ego is pathetic.

and you going to see just how pathetic You are when FF confirms jack*** pie lake and FF sticking His tounge out at you

seriously where does the moderator get off labeling this thread 1 star when its part of the real sove everyone posts all kinda of off the wall solves and dont get bothered but i link images that are to the real solve and Moderator labels my thread 1 star based on nothing but his ego was prolly the Count. whoever it is will look like a fool harrasing lostowl and anyone who posts about lostowl because this is the real solve

its all 100% FFs work not a hoax on my part.

jack*** pie lake and a characture of FF at 500 feet then at 200 feet He sticks His tongue out at You.

i dont understand at all i link facts of Forrest Fenns solve and i get called a troll and my thread gets 1 star thats a joke

all the people that call lostowl a troll and a hoax and harass him with 1 stars and jokes is going to feel sorry when FF confirms these things lostowl has been so kinda to post for Us

seriously everyone posts solves based on guessing no facts and here is lostowl posting facts with proof of images that Forrest Fenn has created Himself and all You do is put me and lostowl down

this is part of Forrest Fenns Poems solve and You guys should be getting a good laugh right now because its not a Hoax and is sad that someone comes here posting the real solve and the real clues

an noone appreciates it they just call Hoax and laugh
08-06-2017, 08:59 AM,
RE: lostowl says Poem ends in a joke
dont understand why this solve path has been moved to therapy room

these are legit images put on google maps by Forrest Fenn

the Chase really ends with a joke
08-07-2017, 12:07 PM,
RE: lostowl says Poem ends in a joke
(08-06-2017, 08:59 AM)Swanka Wrote: these are legit images put on google maps by Forrest Fenn

Do you have any prove that FF put these images on google?

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