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Self affirmation ramblings
09-01-2017, 04:56 AM,
Self affirmation ramblings
(08-14-2017, 09:26 PM)meekmouse Wrote: I identify as a very confident person, so I get surprised when I second guess myself. I have to trust my first instincts more. I can be as self-depreciating as the next. Definitely have not always “gone with confidence”… still struggle with this at times…maybe too much pressure to deliver? What if I fail again from unforeseen circumstances? How many chances do you get? Am I foolish? Don’t answer. We all have our own doubts – different, yet similar. I can’t recall many problems I was not able to eventually solve- I’m good at them, intuitive …can see the little things others seem to dismiss. The perfect storm of getting it right also takes perseverance and time. Sometimes we need to know when to hold our horses. Too many other responsibilities to jostle that take priority, leaving little time. …Never enough time. I have the insight to see that I am a work in progress, making new discoveries through this process that initiated a change in my direction several times, but hopefully all for the good. I am learning not to dwell on the missteps…Ok, maybe some venting was cathartic, then dissect it for what it was and move on. Looking back on decisions and our life… we can be too self-critical. Who would want a vinyl final curtain for an ending, if worded that way? Do I have the upper hand in this, or do you? …or does it even matter? It is a game after all. Don’t let it take over. Our ability to trust in ourselves and others can be damaged by betrayals in the past. We need to see them for whom they were and realize they acted from their own internal demons. Not everyone has demons…gravitate to the ones that light up the shadows. …One never knows when a friend could unexpectedly show up in life that you can trust and can offer some intangible connection. No one can force that trust though…it takes “labor”, and it has to be earned on both sides.

Wow, very good. I read a little of myself in that. Smile

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Mindy's blogs:
09-01-2017, 09:26 AM,
Self affirmation ramblings
I really like this Meek Mouse. I don't think you are meek. What is this world if we can't develop friendships and trust?'s Friday!

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09-16-2017, 09:27 PM,
RE: Self affirmation ramblings
I'm hoping meekmouse can offer some additional wisdom. When one finds its way into a trap, well not really a trap (hopefully), but it might feel a lot like one....if thoughts are too awash in debris from earlier solves, how does one see the proper way forward?

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