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When Fenn says that "he knows"
09-28-2017, 10:38 AM, (This post was last modified: 09-30-2017, 10:41 PM by Gordon Lightfoot.)
When Fenn says that "he knows"
That sounds very personal to me...nothing that you would get from an email. He said that he knows that someone has been within 500 feet of the treasure. I would never make a statement like that especially not from a email that I had received from a searcher, it isn't solid enough. So, in my opinion, someone that he knows must have told him where he/she had been.

Toby had mentioned that Fenn is trying to draw people away from New Mexico because New Mexico is where the chest lies in wait, and I believe it, and I still think that I had the right place all along. Now that I think of it there were two other places that I could have looked on that volcanic mountain (HOB), but I was fixated on something else in that clearing, that small pool that I could not see because of all of that vegetation. I should have checked where both of those springs came out of (no paddle up your creek) in that clearing while I was just right there, remember, he said that the chest wasn't underwater, which to me meant that it is near water in some capacity...either on top of it, beside it, or in it, etc....just not under it, maybe in a cove or a natural shelf of some kind next to it made of petrified wood maybe. Does "in it" mean "under it?" hmmm? Food for thought....

I've been racking my brains out, looking at other states as well, and I still keep coming back to AQUA FRIA PEAK.

Toby mentioned something about his legacy.....and maybe that someone was getting a little too close for comfort for Fenn, and that's why he is coming out with a paperback. Just all speculation, I'm one really knows for sure why Fenn didn't speak for almost a whole year, and now all of the sudden, a book. Smile

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