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Harvey, Harvey, Harvey, if I only had a boyfriend named, Harvey.
10-01-2017, 12:03 AM, (This post was last modified: 10-01-2017, 12:16 AM by Gordon Lightfoot.)
Harvey, Harvey, Harvey, if I only had a boyfriend named, Harvey.
Well, Harvey did a number on one of my 4 story Pine trees, if fell on another tree (Oak) on my land, and the Oak caught it...LOL!! and kept it from reaching the street. It cost me 950 dollars to get it taken care of, plus I had some limbs cut off of another Pine, and a very heavy branch that fell off of another Oak tree sliced up, and the stump from that pine that fell grinded, total 1,200 dollars. I didn't want to mess with it. But I did a lot of tree branch pulling to the side of the road myself, and cut up some limbs with my Craftsman's Manual Saw from Sears, I've had that Saw for years, and it hasn't failed me yet. I lost one small screen from my kitchen window, and a white bucket that covered the water shut off valve outside, but other than that God watched over my house, I really was blessed, because so many people in my town had a lot of damage done to their homes, if that pine would have fell north instead of west, I don't even want to think about it because it was only standing about 10 feet from my home. I didn't have power for almost a week, and this Mexican was sweating from the Texas Humidity, it was bad. Then wouldn't you know it, my future boyfriend (he doesn't know it yet, so don't say anything to him) had Irma pass right to the right side of Saint Petersburg, Florida just a week later. The Tampa Bay area really dodged a bullet when Irma tilted slightly to the right more towards central Florida instead of heading right up Florida's west coast, his house was untouched, and his electricity never went off, lucky Dog!! I went to San Antonio (SA) to wait out the storm, I was going to stay when it was a Cat. 1, but when it reached Cat. 3 and was predicted to reach land as a Cat. 4, I changed my, my sister in law, me and my brother's 2 babies stayed at the Holiday Inn Express right next to the Airport in San was a blast, all of those planes landing and taking don't see that in a small town like mine. I would just stand on the parking garage's 4th floor and watch them. There was a Walmart nearby on Jones-Maltzberger Road and a Whataburger right next to the Walmart off E. Rector Street. The Hotel served breakfast every morning, they even had 2 pancake makers there, you press a button, and a pancake is made right before your eyes, how cool!!! It says on the pancake maker, "Don't you wish you had one at home?" LOL!!!! Yes, I do!! If you press the button twice in a row, two pancakes will be made one right after another, and they were a pretty good size too, not those small ones, or the very big ones...they were about middle size ones. I told my cousin when I got back from SA, and she told me that they even have a waffle maker as well, you just press a button and Vuala!! it pops out. Man, have I been living under a Rock? Smile

I just hope that Hurricane season is over, and it can't be too soon for me. There are still a lot of business closed in my town due to damage. Lots of linemen still in town fixing lines in the surrounding rural areas, and still lots of roofers, tree cutters, you name it filling up our hotels and motels here, the ones that weren't damaged themselves.
10-01-2017, 06:13 AM,
RE: Harvey, Harvey, Harvey, if I only had a boyfriend named, Harvey.
Glad you and yours survived - hurricanes can be pretty traumatic. BTW, from staying a quite a few HIEs in our travels, I wouldn't spend any money on one of those pancake machines.

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