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Just a thought (thinking outload)
10-10-2017, 08:28 AM, (This post was last modified: 10-10-2017, 10:08 AM by Gordon Lightfoot.)
Just a thought (thinking outload)
I spent Sunday afternoon with my uncle watching Dallas play the Green Bay Packers. I swore that I wouldn't watch the NFL this season because of the disrespect the NFL and its players show for our flag and the American Anthem...I have no use for the players or the NFL until this stupidity is stopped. I got to my uncles house at halftime and he told me to come and watch the game with him, he has a big bedroom with comfortable chairs in it and a big TV to stomach told me (hell, I don't want to watch those Ingrates play!!!), but my uncle invited me, so I had to pretend that I was enjoying the game. My uncle has cancer all over the place, and I took him my father's walking-cane to help him walk incase he needs it at a future date, but at the moment he can walk around pretty good on his own, and he also does a lot of furniture walking as well. Well, I sat down next to him in the bedroom on a separate chair, he has 7 children, also a wife and 2 children who have passed, but no one was there at the time, and we talked about different things and family while watching the second half of the game. I got more comfortable watching the game as we talked more during the game and during commercials and timeouts Smile He got at least 3 calls on his cell phone while we were watching the game, and he told everyone who he was talking to, that I was there with him watching the game...that made me feel good, and no amount of money on earth can purchase a feeling like that....I told myself that he will be gone soon enough, and that moments like these will probably be fading fast regardless of who says what, or of how many more times that I visit him....which I will try to make more often, since he only lives 20 miles away from me. My uncle is pretty independent, but is getting weaker, you can tell, but he puts up a good fight...not one time while we were watching the game did his cancer get mentioned, if he has any kind of aches or pains, he never complains about them, not like his nephew does. Smile No, it was like if time stood still for that 2 hours that it took for Dallas to loose, what Dallas did on their last play is a mystery to me, One would have thought that they were in the tryouts for the NBA....that's called Karma for turning your back on our nation. God Bless America, and may God Bless more moments like I had with my's just a reminder to me that nothing lasts forever, people whom you love do not last forever either.
10-10-2017, 09:09 AM,
Just a thought (thinking outload)
Hi Gordon, that's a nice story about sacrificing your feelings for a moment in time that will soon be gone. It's very touching.

It makes me think that it's exactly what is happening with this issue over disrespecting the flag etc. Somehow, in many Americans minds, obedience to a symbol is more important than what the symbol represents, and they allow their own feelings to take on a higher importance than the feelings of another.

A persons feelings are not wrong, regardless of which side of the argument that we are on. Is America doomed to infighting and civil war or can we allow some people who feel slighted by the actions of another a little space to express themselves.

I hear a lot of stuff on tv, EVERYDAY, that I don't agree with and I'm perfectly capable of picking sides, but it will lead down that path of an irreparable rift that can only be settled one way. I surely don't prefer that option.

10-10-2017, 10:54 AM,
RE: Just a thought (thinking outload)
Great read and really puts things in perspective. Thanks, GL.
10-10-2017, 12:44 PM,
RE: Just a thought (thinking outload)
Hi Gordon,

I have two comments:

1. You said: "I wouldn't watch the NFL this season because of the disrespect the NFL and its players show for our flag and the American Anthem"

I agree, wholeheartedly. However, please be aware that the disrespect that the NFL has is not for the flag and the anthem, it's a disrespect for all Americans (including cops, soldiers, everyday people).

That's right - my anger is about those ingrates who are basically spitting in our faces, putting up their fist to us, the American people. The flag and the anthem are merely symbols representing us. When I say I love this country, I'm talking about the people of this country and our democratically adopted rules, not a piece of fabric nor a melody nor geography.

2. Please don't be ashamed for watching the Cowboys. They are now one of two teams my family is allowed to watch again because their organizations refuse to allow this disgrace from their players. The other team is the Miami Dolphins.


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